Learning Management System (LMS) or Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) is software or an internet tool that allows the classroom to extend onto the web. In this LMS guest or guest user cannot participate in any activities; they can view the contents of a course only. Any visitors can log in as guests using the "Login as a guest" button on the login screen and enter any courses which allow guest access. A guest can contact with administrator, administrator will give a password to access a specific course.

Guests always have "read-only" access - meaning they can't leave any posts or otherwise mess up the course for real students.

Guest cannot:

  • Post in forums
  • Edit wiki pages
  • Participate in a chat
  • Take quizzes
  • Submit assignments
  • Add glossary or database activity entries or comments
  • Receive any scores or grades (because of the read-only access)

"Guest" feature can be handy when a teacher wants to let a colleague in to look around at your work, or to let students see a course as a guest before they have decided to enroll into that course. If a guest wants to be able to take quizzes, or any of the other activities listed above, then he/she should contact with administrator.

Login into BMB E-Learning as a Guest