Once a course is created by an administrator or course creator, administrator or course creator should assign a user as a teacher for that course. Otherwise, administrators or course creators are the only ones who can edit a course. Teachers can do anything within a course, including changing the activities and grading students.

Teachers who use this LMS have access to an array of powerful tools such as lesson, assignments, forums, journals, quiz test, surveys, managing online discussions, posting documents (reading lists, PowerPoint slides, images, etc.), polls, workshops etc. A teacher chooses these tools in his/her teaching are entirely up to the teacher, his course will be as individual as his, his subject, his teaching, and his class.

Teacher should verify carefully each student’s personal profile information like student name, admission registration number, student’s photo, father’s name, roll no, year of study, department etc. Then teacher can enroll a student or group of students for specific course of specific year of study. Thus students can access resources unique to their course, complete assignments, join in discussion forums with other students, and contact their teachers and other students via email.

Non-editing teacher: Teachers are only allowed to assign the roles of non-editing teacher, student and guest. A non-editing teacher is able within a course to view and grade students' work but may not alter or delete any of the activities or resources. This role might typically be given to a classroom assistant for example.

How to registration as a Teacher