cBLAST: First Online Bioinformatics Course in Bangladesh

Welcome to the omics age of biology. This is where bioinformatics is the key to enter the domain of the new data-driven biological R&D era. We offer online bioinformatics courses from specialists in this field. Learn bioinformatics from anywhere, any device and get certified from University of Dhaka. Start learning from our free content.

Bioinformatics which I think is the glue that holds the genome revolution together

Hsien Lei

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Learn as you go

We offer variety of modules that covers various specialization of bioinformatics. Build your computational biology skills with cBLAST.

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Fluid learning

We use robust and integrated Moodle system to give you personalized learning experience. Anytime, from any device.

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Learn from experts

Our courses are designed and developed by experienced scientists and experts in Bangladesh. Learn from the Best Minds.

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Hands-on training

We have created online environment for hands-on learning of bioinformatics techniques with complete guidance using tools and software.

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